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Mantle Of Fire

Holy Anointing Oil Bundle

Holy Anointing Oil Bundle


Each anointing oil is inspired by the bible and instruction from the Holy Spirit.  

The Exodus 30:22-25 anointing oil recipe is directly from the bible, as revealed to Moses by God. This sacred blend is used to consecrate and set apart people, places and items for God's service and use.You can apply it to your church, your home, yourself, your loved ones, your car etc.  It can be used during times of fasting and consecration to the Lord. Additionally, use it to anoint the sick for healing and cast out demons in the powerful name of Jesus.

The Surrender anointing oil is inspired from the story of Mary anointing Jesus' feet with an alabaster jar of costly oil worth a years wages as an outward act of her deep love for him. This oil is meant to be used to draw closer to Jesus during prayer,  worship, and fasting when seeking a closer relationship with Jesus.

Lastly, the Blood Of The Lamb anointing oil is based on Exodus 12:22-23, where God instructed the Israelites to apply the blood of a lamb to their doorposts with a branch of hyssop so the spirit of death would passover their houses and not harm them. It is meant to be used for protection from evil by declaring the blood of Jesus as you apply it to your home, yourself or your loved ones. 


Elevate your prayers with our Anointing Oil Bundle. Made with 100% Pure Organic non gmo oils and extra virgin olive oil, each bottle is set apart, consecrated, and prayed over in Jesus name. Boost your spiritual warfare with this essential tool for every prayer warrior.

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