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Mantle Of Fire

Bee Brooch -Bling

Bee Brooch -Bling

Deborah the bee. In Hebrew the name Deborah means bee. In the Bible Deborah was the most influential woman of her time. She was a leader, a prophet, a judge, a warrior, a poet and a song writer and a worshipper! She was the only woman in the Bible to ever lead an army let alone of 10,00 men! People would come from surrounding towns as she sat under a palm tree in the dessert to have her rule as judge on their matters. She as highly esteemed and revered. The bee is representation of the strong woman of God that we are all are! We are all capable of being Deborahs! I for one am here because like Deborah, I have arose!

 I you don't know the story I encourage you to read about her! 

size 1.5" wing to wing

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